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Diagnosis Podcasts
University of Edinburgh Y2 MBChB students were asked, in groups, to prepare a short communication  related to diagnosis. They were all good but we selected five of the best to share with the BeSST community.

The Medicalisation of Illness

Student team

Jemima Bryant, Morgan Dalton,Rebecca Grassby, Alastair Holligan, Priyanka Kaushal, Zakiyyah Mamodebaccus, Shazia Mohamed, Ruth Ou, Alex Shen, Amelia White.

Why might people resist diagnostic labels? 

Student team

Ma'arij Anwar, Ellie Cameron, Nikita Hambleton-Reed, Charvi Kanodia

Impact of a chronic or terminal diagnosis on relationships

Parisa Ashraf, Rowan Hart, Katie Hill, Jack Kennedy, Adam Lukaszuk, Shyam Sharma , Katie Thirgood.

How do patients experience and give meaning to a diagnosis?

Student team

Reuben Burns, Chiara Jaconelli, Iona McFarlane, Cormac Morran, Abha Panchdhari, Lucie Poussin, Rory Stewart

Inequalities, Intersectionality and Diagnosis

Melissa Hendry, Agata Krynska, Bethan Macdonald, Caitlyn Scott, Calum Weir

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