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Social construction of knowledge


A useful article that describes social constructionism and presents three key findings and policy implications relating to that perspective: the cultural meaning of illness; the illness experience; medical knowledge. 


A concise summary of the implications of an understanding of lay perspectives for practice.


A really interesting article which discussed vascular and immunological views of MS as arising within specific scientific cultures.


A short article that addresses the key dimensions to medicalization but also presents a critique of it as an analytic concept.


Interesting discussion of pharmaceutical companies’ role in the social construction of disease.

Illness experience


A seminal article that explore the experience of chronic illness through the disruption it can cause to daily life and to a person’s sense of self.


A short article that outlines the negotiation of a shared narrative from the perspective of the patient and the doctor.

Doctor-Patient relations


Good discussion of what partnership can mean in practice.


Interesting summary of the relevance of a narrative approach to medical practice and relations with patients.


Really interesting article discussing the place of stories/narratives as evidence in clinical practice.


Very interesting article discussing the growing use of the term ‘lay expert’ and argues that lay people’s expertise while valuable, is necessarily limited, being drawn only from their own experiences.


We suggest a number of resources/links here but these lists are by no means exhaustive and we are still building it. If you would like share resources or have any news that you would like to share with other BeSST members, please email us!
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