BeSST Virtual Conference 2021
Future Directions in Social and Behavioural Sciences in Medical Education


Friday 10th September
09.00-13.00 (BST)

The BeSST (Behavioural and Social Sciences Teaching in Medicine) virtual conference will be an opportunity to come together as a community of practice to: share experiences; learn from examples of good practice and innovation; discuss challenges; and explore future directions in teaching social and behavioural sciences in medical, and more broadly, health professions’ education. 


To register for a free place please go to:

Submit a paper
We welcome papers on a wide range of topics related to social and behavioural sciences (SBS) in health professions’ education. We are particularly interested in the following:

•    What is SBS? Is this umbrella term meaningful or useful; what is the relationship between ‘social’ and ‘behavioural’ in SBS teaching in medical education?
•    Integrated curriculum: what do we mean by this; what works and what doesn’t; where next? 
•    Clinical/SBS Partnerships: what are effective partnerships between clinicians and social scientists in SBS teaching; what are the challenges and how are these overcome? 
•    Staff- student partnerships: how can we involve students in designing and delivering SBS teaching; what are the implications of a co-creation approach? 
•    SBS and competency-based education: should/can social and behavioural sciences in medicine be competency-based; what might those competencies be; is ‘structural competency’ a useful concept? 
•    Assessment: what are the current and future challenges in assessing SBS in health professions’ education? 
•    Experiences of being a SBS teacher: how is this role configured in different contexts; what is it like to work in this role; what would improve this experience; what kind of support would you like; how can the community of practice work best for you? 
•    COVID-19: how has the pandemic impacted your teaching?
•    Equality, diversity and inclusion in the curriculum: how can SBS contribute to EDI curricula initiatives? 


We invite papers in the following formats. Indicative timings are given:
•    Research/evaluation:  presentations of an original research or evaluation study that is theoretically relevant and methodologically sound (10-15 minutes)
•    Practice: presentation of changes to practice (what was done, why, did it work?) (10-15 minutes)
•    Point of View/Ideas: Is there something you feel passionately about, a topic that you feel needs to be discussed, or something that particularly frustrates you?  No evidence is needed, just your opinion!  (10-15 minutes)
•    Lightning presentation: could be any of the three categories above, but is strictly 5 minutes maximum. 


To submit your abstract please email:
The deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday 2nd July
 2021 (23:59 hrs UK time). 

Please include the following (max 400 words):
•    Abstract Title
•    Abstract Authors (up to 6 authors may be listed)
•    Abstract Presenter and contact email

Present the abstract in the appropriate format:
•    Research/Evaluation: Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion & Conclusion. 
•    Practice:  Background; Summary of Work; Discussion and Conclusions; Take-home Messages.
•    Point of View: There is no prescribed format.